K2 Communications operates as a studio for the Giant Screen film industry, responsible for financing, global distribution and marketing, exhibited by IMAX, Giant Screen, and other specialty theaters located in museums, science centers, zoos, aquaria and other destination venues.

K2 is also a leading distributor to TV and other non-theatrical platforms worldwide. Its catalogue not only contains Giant Screen /IMAX films, but a wide variety of non-IMAX documentaries, plus action sports, lifestyle, travel and music related programming.



Proven box office titles. Images so close, you’ll want to reach out and grab them. Films that provide immersive experiences, putting you right there in the shot. Formatted for both theatrical and in-home entertainment.

4K / UHD

Four times the resolution of “HD,” 4K UHD will be the new standard for home viewing. Since our content was captured in the highest available resolution (15/70 MM, greater than 8K resolution), it looks especially crisp and vibrant when viewed in 4K UHD.

Giant Screen

Over 70 films originally produced for IMAX / Giant Screen theaters – now available for HD TV, Digital Theaters, and other media. Vivid, razor-sharp images.  High impact, educational and inspirational entertainment for the entire family.

Our Services

Film Production

Why IMAX?   As film production in the giant screen format evolves, we evolve with it. K2 now produces and co-produces films, with end-to-end oversight from treatment, film financing, strategic partnerships, to the filmmaking itself. K2 works with the leading directors in the industry. Directors such as Stephen Low and Mark Krenzien have directed some of K2’s industry leading films, such as Low’s Fighter Pilot (one of the longest running films in the industry) and Krenzien’s Journey to Space, the…

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Media Distribution

Global Distribution   In conjunction with the evolution of production, K2 Communications has expanded an already robust global distribution network. Distribution for Giant Screen (IMAX) films starts with marquee museum and science center institutions around the world. Theaters such as the Smithsonian in DC, the California Science Center in Los Angeles, and La Geode in Paris, play an integral role in the community impact and reach of each film. These institutions collaborate on complementary educational programs and there is often…

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Derivative Content

Strategic Partnerships [ct__spacer height=”5″] Through engaging content, strategic partnerships, and steady outreach, the K2 media platforms become passionate, connected communities of individuals who buy into the mission. Community building efforts add tremendous value to our partners, to the impact of the film, and, most importantly, to the momentum of a project’s objective. Strategic partners are crucial to fostering a truly powerful community around a project. For every film, the shared vision of those already involved immediately connects us to the…

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